Professional Inflatable Testing Services. PIPA & RPII Inspections

Northern Ireland & Republic Of Ireland

We offer a friendly and professional service as a qualified RPII Inspector, PIPA Tester and PAT Tester, testing to the European Standard BS EN 14960:2013. With over 20 years in the inflatable industry, we can provide you with knowledgeable advice regarding many aspects of the inflatable play industry.


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PIPA Testing

We offer PIPA inspections supplying tags and certificates for inflatables that comply to BSEN14960:2020. Click here for more details.


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RPII Inspections

We offer RPII inspections for inflatables that do not fall within the scope of the PIPA scheme. Click here for more details.

PAT Testing

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PAT Testing

We carryout In Service inspection & testing of electrical equipment. Equipment is visually inspected as well as verification of earth continuity. Click here for more details.


Qualified inspector of Electrical Equipment (Portable Appliance Testing)

RPII Registered Annual Inflatable Inspector

RPII Inflatable Equipment Operator and Attendant

Registered PIPA Tester